Free Indeed: Defeating Rejection

Free Indeed: Defeating Rejection

1 Samuel 16:1-11


Recognize: I recognize that rejection is trying to get me to agree with it. I may have agreed.

Repent: So, I repent for any and all agreements I have made or spoken in regards to rejection. Please forgive me.

Resist: I do not accept those words nor the lie of the enemy. I don’t have to listen to him. He’s not my Lord.

Rebut: My Lord says I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I have been forgiven and given a new identity. Christ lives in me, and because of that, I know that God has accepted me.

Remove: So, Devil, you hideous spirit of rejection, I reject you! I break any and all agreements that I’ve made with you. I renounce all the participation that I’ve made with you. Any door I’ve opened to rejection, I now close in the name of Jesus. Devil, be gone. Git. Be removed. Go to the feet of Jesus, and he will contend with you. I hope you enjoy your swim in the lake of fire. That’s where you’re going to be very shortly.

Rejoice: Father, I rejoice in the freedom that you have given me. Thank you. Holy Spirit fill my soul with perfect love. IN Jesus name.