Free Indeed: Winning the Battle of Lust

Free Indeed: Winning the Battle of Lust

James 1:13-15; Genesis 3; Psalms 37:4; 1 John 2: 16

Prayer for Deliverance 

Father, I recognize that I have agreed with a spirit of lust and covetousness. I have participated with it, and it has ruled me. I repent for my participation and agreements I’ve made with the enemy and unholy desires. Lord, I ask your forgiveness. Now, in the name and authority of Jesus, I break every and all agreements with lust. I apply the blood of Jesus over lust and my actions. I also cancel every argument the accuser uses against me as I place my shame under the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. I renounce and resist lust and the coveting spirit, and tell it to go now to the feet of Jesus. It is no longer welcome in the places of my thoughts and heart. I ask the Holy Spirit to come and fill those places with the perfect love of Christ, where lust once existed. I align my desires with God’s desires and welcome him to direct my path in all things. Thank you, Father, in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit, Amen.


  1. Father, I recognize that I made (or am tempted) to make an agreement with lust
  2. I repent for my agreements with lust. Please forgive me.
  3. I resist Satan and any fleshly urges he is stirring within my members to sin against God.
  4. I rebut him.  I am sealed by the Holy Spirit and being led by him. His desires are my desires. I don’t have to obey the devil in any manner.
  5. Remove. God says to resist the devil, and he has to flee. So devil I resist you . Be gone in the name of Jesus.
  6. Rejoice. Thank you, God, for delivering me and supplying all my needs according to your desires. Amen.